11 Cool party tricks to impress your friends

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Have you ever wanted to be the cool person at parties who can do impressive party tricks?  Here are 11 Cool party tricks to impress your friends that will amaze them

  1. 1 Split an apple in half

    Take an apple and roll it between your hands with some pressure and you should be able to split it in half without a knife

  2. 2 Make an egg jump

    This is one that will impress your friends. Place an egg on its side on a shot glass, blow over it gentle and the egg will quite literally jump up and land the right way up. Try it… it works

  3. 3 Use air in a glass or bottle to put out candles

    One of the best and most impressive party tricks that needs just a little preparation. Mix some vinegar and baking soda in a glass of bottle without letting the gas escape. Let the gas out, you can’t see it, close to a lit candle and it will look like nothing but air is putting it out… spooky

  4. 4 Balancing Soda Can

    This is easy but very clever. Drink about half your can of coke or other drink. Place the can on a table or on the floor and tilt it slowly onto the angled bottom. Removing your hands slowly the can should balance and remain so. This really does fool people walking into a room

  5. 5 Amazing Color Changing Drinks

    Great fun at kids parties this simple trick requires just a small amount of food colouring to be placed at the bottom of cup under some ice cubes. Poor clear drink over and the drink will magically change colour

  6. 6 Instant Freeze

    Place a bottle of water in a freezer for just a couple of hours, it won’t fully freeze. Take it out and whack it as hard as you can. The bottle will freeze in front of your eyes like magic

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12 shares, 53 points
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